Taking breaks is not so easy – so let‘s just gift them! All our Raus Gift Cards include a walk through vast forests, wide views and fresh air as well as watching the starry night sky from bed.

How it works

1) Choose a Gift Card by design, language and gift credit

2) You‘ll receive the digital version of the Gift Card within 2 working days via email

3) Raus Gift Cards are also available as high-quality A5 prints. You can choose this option in the check-out and will receive the card in a pretty packaging within 5-7 working days

4) Once it comes to redeeming the Gift Cart, simply look for available dates and fill in the form on giftcardbooking.raus.life . We'll get back to you with a booking confirmation shortly.

Explore all Gift Cards
  • How long is the Gift Card valid for?

    The Gift Card can be redeemed until 12 months after purchase.

  • Can the gift card be redeemed for any type of stay?

    The Gift Card can be redeemed for any cabin with a minimum stay of two nights.

  • How many guests can stay in a Raus cabin?

    Our cabins of 16 squaremeters are designed for 2 adults. If you want to bring children, please get in touch with us and we‘ll make sure you‘ll find the amentities you need.

  • How can I redeem the Gift Card?

    Once the location and available dates have been picked, the Gift Card can be redeemed via the below link.

    Redeem your Gift Card 
  • What does the Gift Card apply for?

    The Gift Card credit will be applied onto the entire sum of your booking, regardless if you only book the stay, or if you add extras. 

  • Can I have the Gift Card shipped to someone else?

    Yes, of course. You can chose a different shipping address in the check-out. We’ll then send the Gift Card to this address.

  • In case I don’t use 100% of my credits, will the rest remain valid?

    Absolutely. Any credit left over will remain of your disposal within the validity period. We’re going to issue a new Gift Card numer for the respective credit.